The Beacon

Shaping the Future of the Permian

The Beacon began as a visionary collaboration of energy industry and community partners to extend and enhance access to quality healthcare and education within the Permian Basin region of West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico.  When completed, the Midland-Odessa development will feature 250+ acres of healthcare delivery, research and support spaces as well as residential and retail spaces.  Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and the University of Texas Permian Basin will provide enhanced opportunities for higher education in various healthcare-related disciplines.

The Future Site

The Beacon site is located near the intersection of State Highway 191 and Farm-to-Market Road 1788, adjacent to the University of Texas Permian Basin’s Midland Campus and just north of the Midland International Air and Space Port.


The history of Permian Basin energy production is marked by extraordinary innovation.  From the horizontal drilling technology that has unlocked massive new reserves from oilfields once thought to be exhausted, to the wind, solar and carbon capture that are making a clean energy future possible, research and development are essential to the Permian Basin’s identity.  The Beacon is designed to facilitate synergy among its healthcare providers, educational institutions and the energy industry to encourage new and improved models of healthcare delivery.


A robust system of higher education opportunities is essential to the people of the Permian Basin. The Beacon development will help Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and University of Texas Permian Basin to realize their growth priorities and enhance their complementary presence in the region, especially in healthcare-related fields. Beacon Alliance partners are actively involved with the region’s community colleges and other education providers to support enhancement of a skilled workforce to meet the challenges of growth in the Permian Basin.


The Permian Basin is home to a wide variety of high-quality healthcare providers, but access to some specialty services can require people in the most remote areas to travel for hours to get the care they need. The Beacon will help develop expanded and enhanced healthcare services to minimize the need to travel outside the area for care, while partners in The Beacon Alliance work closely with local community leaders to enhance primary care access and telemedicine services where they are needed most.


Essential to the success of The Beacon Alliance is the cooperative spirit of the people of the Permian Basin. By working together to identify the unique needs of our diverse region, we can appropriately prioritize development projects and secure the resources necessary to fund the improvements that our neighbors need the most.

Our Partners

The Beacon Alliance grew from the realization that the dramatic growth projected in the Permian Basin would require improvements in healthcare access and capability to help attract and retain the workforce needed throughout the Region.  The Beacon Alliance allows energy industry leaders, local philanthropists, educators and providers to work closely together to help make the Permian Basin a national leader in community health.

News & Updates

Visit our site often to keep up with the latest updates as The Beacon site is developed and The Beacon Alliance begins to help shape healthcare delivery innovation throughout the Permian Basin.